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Das passende Paket für Ihr Ziel

It is free for online shops, local retailers and customers to be part of the marketplace. The pricing is only for repricing services.

Prices and products

It is enough for you to know the price indication of your products? Or do you want to optimise your inventories, too? We have the right product for each target.

All products are free for the first month – so you do not have any risk and enough time to test. If you are fast you can raise sales and margin within the first month, without having paid anything!
No matter which product you choose, you can always add an unlimited number of products and competitors.



per month

You will get prices and names of the highest bidder and the lowest bidder of your competition for your product portfolio. Using this data you can optimise sales and margin easily.
You will get the data once a month.



per month

Additionally to prices and names of your competitor you will receive information regarding availability and delivery services. You can optimise not only sales and margin but also inventories and delivery times. 
You will get historical data to all your request. 
The new data will be available once a week.



per month

This product does not focus on product data. On top there will be information available that shows you how to optimise your product portfolio and how to change service offers to be always one step ahead of your competition.
You will receive historical data for all your request.
The data will be available weekly.


on request

You need solutions for individual requests? New data on a daily base? Or hourly? Adjustedt reports? Interfaces?
Just contact us. We can put together your individual package.

Product comparison





prices of highest and lowest bidder
names of the competitors
prices of all competitors  
additional products of your competition    
prices of these additonal products    
availabilities of the products    
delivery times  
service times    
cut prices
raise prices
optimise prices  
optimise availabilities  
interval of data updates monthly weekly weekly
number of competitors uunlimited unlimited unlimited
number of products unlimited unlimited unlimited
free trial free trial for one month free trial for one month free trial for one month
price pro month (gross) 99€ 499€ 999€


convince yourself now

No matter if you are an online shop or a local retailer, if you sell your own products or if you sell trade products – optimise easy and fast your sales and margin.

We have also individual solutions for digital agencies, consultants and analysts.

We do support you in the optimisation of your product portfolio and the inventory management as well. 

Get to know your market positioning and your competitors!